A. Campus Facilities and Services

  • 1. Learning Facilities - Cheng Yu Tung Tower (CCT) – Faculty of Law Building

    i. Lui Che Woo Law Library (1/F)Lui Che Woo Law Library
    • Study Spaces in Law Library – The Law Library offers a variety of study spaces to cater for different student needs.
    • Booking a discussion room in Law Library.
    ii. Moot Court (2/F)
    Moot Court
    iii. Tutorial Rooms and staff Offices (3/F – 9/F)
    Tutorial rooms and staff offices
    iv. Faculty General Office (10/F)
    Faculty General Office
    v. Faculty Academic Conference Room (11/F)
    Faculty Academic Conference Room

  • 1. Learning Facilities - Chi Wah Learning Commons (“Chi Wah”)

    Open Area

    Study Room
    Quiet Room
    Quiet Room
    Printing Area
    Printing Area
    Useful Link: uPrint Service, Purchase Print Units

    The Centennical Campus has at its heart the Chi Wah Learning Commons. The Learning Commons is a space for study, discussion, information access and learning assistance. This highly collaborative and interactive space can accommodate up to 2,000 people, and some areas will be opened 24 hours a day. There are 25 study rooms at the Learning Commons, which students can reserve in advance for studying and discussion.

    Useful Links:
    Chi Wah Learning Commons
    Study Rooms
    Study Rooms Booking

  • 1. Learning Facilities - HKU Libraries

    The University of Hong Kong Libraries consists of the Main Library and six specialist branch libraries. Special Collections houses a unique collection of Hong Kong materials, rare books, pamphlets, and microforms. Besides offering a congenial environment for study and research, the Libraries also provides a wide range of information resources including a comprehensive collection of books, journals, audio-visual materials and a rapidly expanding collection of article databases, e-books, e-journals, e-news. Many of these electronic resources are available on the web by authenticated access.The Main Library offers a conducive environment for study, research, and knowledge exchange. The following learning spaces are provided:

    Useful Links: Book a Space

  • 1. Learning Facilities - Others

    Teaching Innovation Production Studio (TIPS)

    This is a filming studio that offers self-service digital media capturing devices.

    studio picstudio pic

  • 2. Sport Facilities

    The Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE) offers non-academic sport and recreation programmes, health and fitness and competitive sport programmes. The CES offers Sport and Recreation Programmes called Uni-Sports and Uni-Adventure to students during Semesters I and II and during the summer months. The CES also manages the University’s sports facilities. All full time students of the University of Hong Kong are eligible to use the sports facilities.The CSE has three Fitness Centres as follows:

    Useful Links: Sports Facilities Booking

  • 3. Catering Outlets

    On campus, there are fast food restaurants and cafes at convenient locations that offer a wide range of local delicacies, cuisines, western food, Halal Food, coffee, pastries and healthy vegetarian food. For more information and location of the catering outlets, please visit the CEDARS website ➔ Facilities ➔ Catering

  • 4. University Health Service

    All entitled students may use the University Health Service (UHS).The following services are provided by the UHS:

    • Medical Primary Care, 2/F Meng Wah Complex
    • Dental Services, 3/F Meng Wah Complex
    • Physiotherapy services to eligible members on referral from UHS physicians
    • Preventive service such as Travel Health Clinic, Wellness Check-up, Well Woman Check-up, Weight Control Programme and immunizations at a charge.
    • Health education is provided in the form of workshops/talks, exhibitions, web information, poster and pamphlets.

    Students with physical disability affecting mobility, sight or hearing etc. should report to the UHS and CEDARS so that assessment could be made for the need of special assistance during their time at the University.

    **All non-local students are advised to purchase medical insurance to cover the cost of specialist consultation and hospitalization.

  • 5. Shuttle Bus Services

    The Estates Office operates shuttle bus service for students to travel among various campuses, student halls and the sports centres. Passengers are required to present their student/staff cards for identification purpose. The bus fare is $2 per trip for eligible student and Octopus card may be used. Alternatively, bus tickets can be purchased at the Finance and Enterprises Office at 1/F Knowles Building.

    For more information and bus timetables, please visit the Estates Office website à Our Services à Facility Management ➔ Transportation Services ➔ Shuttle Bus Service

  • 6. Student Residences

    Information of Student Residences, please visit the CEDARS website ➔ Services ➔ Housing

  • 7. Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS)

    CEDARS exists to provide students with support during their time at HKU. Specifically, the centre provides guidance and assistance in financial matters, accommodation, disability issues, visas, and student activities, and can give advice on any aspect of campus life generally. It also works with other support units to promote students’ physical, social, emotional and environmental well-being.

    As the one-stop student service and resources centre, and co-curricular learning hub, CEDARS comprises of three Sections and two Programme Teams as follows:

    1. Campus Life Section

         Useful Links of specialised services covered by the section:

    2. Careers and Placement Section

    3. Counselling and Person Enrichment Section
         If you need counselling service, you are advised to make counselling appointment.
         Useful Links of specialised services covered by the section:

    4. Student Development Team

    5. General Education Team

    CEDARS has launched the First Year Experience website which aims to be a quick one-stop information hub to help new students understand more about learning at HKU, adapt to university life, make better use of HKU’s support services, and develop academic and personal goals.