How does it work?

All first year undergraduate students are required to meet with their Faculty Academic Adviser at least once every semester. You are also free to seek advice from your Faculty Academic Adviser whenever you need assistance. Please make an appointment with your Faculty Academic Adviser via email.

Q: What you can expect from your Academic Adviser?

  • Provide support to your transition to the University
  • Advise and answer questions on academic matters
  • Guide you in developing your academic goals and study and career plans
  • Discuss your academic performance and progress and the implication of it to your future plans (career or postgraduate studies)
  • Care about your academic success
  • Make effective referrals and direct you to other sources of advice
  • Respect your privacy

Q: Students’ Responsibility – What your Academic Adviser will expect of you?

  • Take initiative to contact your Faculty Academic Adviser for advice and help when needed
  • Collect the information already available and be familiarized with the requirements of your own curriculum
  • Be well prepared for each advising meeting:
    •  Think about your academic, career and personal goals
    • Consider your study plans /intended course enrollment or other issues you may wish to discuss with your Academic Adviser
    • Be willing to seek guidance and to consider advice and comments open-mindedly
  • To follow up on referrals provided to you
  • To accept responsibility for decisions and take ownership

We hope you can make the most out of the academic advising resources.