Who are there to help

There are a team of people in our Faculty who will be available to give you academic advice and support. They consist of the following:

1. Faculty Academic Advisers

Each first year student will be assigned a teacher in the Department of Law as your Faculty Academic Adviser.

The Faculty Academic Adviser is here to help you on academic issues and to give you advice and guidance in your academic life. If you have any questions about study strategies, course selection, academic and career goals, or issues about transition to university, you are free to contact your Faculty Academic Advisers and discuss these issues with him or her.

To find your Faculty Academic Adviser in SIS, simply follow the following steps:

(i) Login to HKU Portal and Click Self Services > Student Centre > Find your Adviser  in SIS

(ii) Check out the Details of your Adviser(s).

(iii) Email your Adviser by clicking the name of your Adviser.

2. Undergraduate Curriculum Advice

For curriculum specific and course selection guidance, you are encouraged to seek advice from Year Coordinators (for LLB students) and/or Curricula Directors and Deputy Directors (for double degree students):

Click here to see the list of Programme Coordinators: https://www.law.hku.hk/current-students/contact-details/#Programme%20Coordinators%20(Undergraduate%20Programmes

3. Specific Issues

For certain areas pertaining primarily undergraduate studies, specific teachers are the best point of contact for advice:

The Faculty provides support regarding the following areas:

  • Mooting Programme
  • Outgoing Exchange Programme; and
  • Legal Research & Writing Programme

Click here for the list of advisers.

4. Faculty Student Advisers

Each first year undergraduate student will be assigned a senior student as Faculty Student Adviser or peer adviser. You can seek advice from your assigned Faculty Student Adviser if you want a student perspective. They have gone through your year and so would be in a good position to share their experience about study life, transition to university and other issues with you.

5. Faculty and Departmental Office Staff

Our office staff can advise you on questions relating to regulations and syllabuses, including questions regarding leave of absence, study load, changes to enrolments, and graduation requirements etc. If you have the above questions, please contact the respective curricula Administrative Coordinators.

If you encounter any difficulties in the process of seeking academic advice, you are free to contact the Faculty Academic Advising Coordinator for assistance:

At the University Level, there is the centralized Academic Advising & Scholarships Office (AASO) that is happy to provide service and general support to students about degree requirements, academic regulations and cross-faculty learning opportunities.

To understand more about the role of the different advisers, see the latest video produced by the AASO available in youtube.