a. Course requirements (applicable to UG students only)

Regardless of which degree programme you belong to, you will be required to partake in courses amounting to 60 credits in total each year. These would include:

  • 4 professional course courses
  • Common Core courses
  • Core University English or free elective
  • Electives
Professional core courses in Law 30 credits 30 credits 30 credits 30 credits
Common Core courses 24 credits 6 credits 12 credits 6 credits
Core University English / Free Elective 6 credits 6 credits 6 credits 6 credits
Electives / 18 credits 12 credits 18 credits
Total: 60 credits 60 credits 60 credits 60 credits

Since there are different course requirements for different degree programmes, it is advisable that you check the regulations for the programme which you belong to in making course selection decisions. The Course Selection Guidelines and Regulations for each degree programme can be found in the Faculty’s Academic Resources Support Centre website.

Useful links: Degree Regulations and Course Descriptions (applicable to all students); Quick Guide on Course Selection and Enrolment; SIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Students