a. Faculty Level – iii. Undergraduate Curriculum Advice

iii. Undergraduate Curriculum Advice

For curriculum specific and course selection guidance, you may seek advice from Year Coordinators (for LLB students) and/or Curricula Directors and Deputy Directors (for double-degree students).

Programme Director (until Oct 2019) Ms Cora Chan cora@hku.hk
Deputy Programme Director Dr David Kwok davkwok@hku.hk
First Year Experience Coordinator Mr Jacky Yeung yeungjck@hku.hk
Second Year Coordinator Dr David Kwok davkwok@hku.hk
Third Year Coordinator Dr Peter Chau pscchau@hku.hk
Upper Years Coordinator Mr Michael Jackson mjackson@hku.hk
Programme Director Mr Michael Jackson mjackson@hku.hk
Deputy Programme Director Mr Jacky Yeung yeungjck@hku.hk
Programme Director Dr Eric Ip ericcip@hku.hk
Deputy Programme Director Dr Peter Chau pscchau@hku.hk
Programme Director Dr Marco Wan mwan@hku.hk
Deputy Programme Director Dr Daniel Matthews danmat@hku.hk
HKU-UCL Dual Degree Programme
Programme Co-Director Prof Johannes Chan johannes@hku.hk
Programme Co-Director Prof Lusina Ho lusinaho@hku.hk
HKU-PKU Dual Degree Programme
Programme Director Prof Yun Zhao