Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Lab (LITE Lab) Internship and Research Assistant Opportunities

Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Lab (LITE Lab) Internship and Research Assistant Opportunities

Two (2) part-time undergraduate student internships (paid) to develop Regtech professional learning curriculum to grow Hong Kong talent pool

Technology literacy and competence are universally recognized as key 21st century skills, and yet many of today’s working professionals are not digital natives.

As digitization and financial technology – or fintech- continues to transform the financial services sector and lives in Hong Kong and globally, regulators and financial industry participants increasingly recognize the need to train a new breed of professionals who are well versed in regulatory technology – or regtech – that will power these highly regulated financial institutions and fintechs to grow and better serve their clients and combat financial crime.

To this end, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority recently recommended the development of a regtech skills framework and formalized training to nurture Hong Kong’s talent pool as part of its recently released 2 year regtech adoption roadmap.

With funding from the HKU Standard Chartered Foundation Fintech Academy, Brian Tang, founding executive director of Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Lab (LITE Lab) at the HKU Faculty of Law, and co-chair of the Regtech Committee of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong, is seeking two (2) part-time undergraduate student interns to assist with this research.

Regtech is increasingly using ABCD technologies (AI, blockchain, cloud and data) and the research will be based on LITE Lab@HKU’s interdisciplinary and experiential pedagogies for undergraduate and postgraduate students to be applied for lifelong learning, including via online and blending learning channels.

Ideal candidates will be:

  • organized and professional
  • have a keen interest in:
    • fintech, financial regulation and/or professional education; and/or
    • professional learning pedagogies, including online and blended learning
  • be willing to take initiative
  • have good written and communication skills

This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2021.

Undergraduate students from the Faculties of Law, Education, Business, Science and/or Engineering are particularly welcome to apply. Please send your CV and academic transcripts to

Applications are due: Monday March 14, 2021