Oxford Certificate Programmes at Worcester College, University of Oxford

Oxford Certificate Programmes (Summer 2024)

The Oxford Certificate Programme at Worcester College (University of Oxford) for university students is an academic study abroad programme that offers cutting-edge subjects designed to complement a student’s existing studies, providing them with methodologies and case studies that will set them above their peers.  Students participate in academic courses on various subjects and experience teaching in an authentic Oxford college setting. This will be done according to the Oxford teaching model: small group interactive classes with individualised feedback and class participation. All academic teaching the courses will be tutors at the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge.

Participants will live in Oxford college dormitories and dine in Oxford dining halls. All teaching will happen in small groups within Worcester college or Oxford university premises. All of this will offer

participants an experience that will be as close as possible to attending Worcester College as a student of the University of Oxford.

How to Apply  

To apply, simply follow these steps:

1.Send an email to enquiries.cpc@worc.ox.ac.uk and indicate your interest to enrol in the Oxford Certificate Programme at Worcester College offered for university students in 2024

2. The Certificate Programmes team of Worcester College will respond with any further details we need from you

3. After your application has been fully added to the system of Worcester College, you can arrange payment, and then we will keep you fully updated on everything you need to know with a series of onboarding emails as the programme approaches.

For more information, please click the Academic Programme Outline.