Commercial Court Seminar

Following the success of the three 125th anniversary Commercial Court online seminars last year, the Commercial Court, part of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, is holding an online seminar centred around shipping law on 12 October 2021 from 16.00pm to 17.30pm GMT. The seminar will be chaired by Lord Hamblen JSC of the United Kingdom Supreme Court, and will feature a debate between Andrew Baker J (a judge of the Commercial Court) and Thomas Raphael QC (a leading commercial lawyer) on the approach of the English court to determining whether a charterparty arbitration clause is incorporated into a bill of lading, and the presentation of two papers by leading commercial lawyers:

  • One entitled “Too tough to terminate: conditions and innominate terms in shipping contracts”,a presentation by Simon Rainey QC considering whether English law has become too hostile to the termination of shipping contracts for breach’
  • One entitled “Sentencing remarks are not to be read as if they were a charterparty”: R v Imtiaz [2019] EWCA Crim 2077. Where does the law now stand on the interpretation of charterparties?”,a presentation by Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC which considers whether English law is striking the right balance in the interpretation of the printed, incorporated and bespoke terms which make up the modern charterparty.

Further details of the event appear on the flyer.  For registration, please go to:,xttMPK0v5EutxoRfuJupGA,VhE7aTl3_UmAgiHlBFKawQ,O7mycPZWGE2uTRpLy91xRQ,JpmE_UJ5GEyzS925it59qw,yQc6Osb5KESBjzdzVZDz8w?mode=read&tenantId=c6874728-71e6-41fe-a9e1-2e8c36776ad8

Commercial Court Seminar Topical issues in Shipping Law 12 October 202189